Elizabeth walks in an incredible authority in these areas of her life and has learned to live from a place of self-love not performance.

“My initial goals were:

-To have a better relationship with food and eat a greater variety of food, after years of having strict dietary requirements due to health challenges. I didn’t enjoy food anymore and ate the same things all the time.

-Learning to Meal plan

-Make time to do the things I loved

-Strengthening my body while working through some injuries – a balanced exercise plan

-Learning to practice self-care

The results I achieve were far more than these goals, I started to enjoy food more, be mindful of what my body needed, add different colored foods to my diet. I started to listen to my body more and do more of the exercise and movement my body needed instead of pushing myself to the point of pain each time I exercise. I feel like what I did in these three months was a great foundation to build a new mindset and lifestyle toward food, exercise and myself. I practice better self-care and get to enjoy the process of living a wholehearted life instead of just being focused on losing weight. I am more focused on building strength being mindful of my body and being kind to myself. I find I give myself more grace and enjoy my life as a whole more.

I have loved working with Elizabeth, she is knowledgeable in every aspect of her work with nutrition and fitness, what I liked about her approach to our coaching sessions was that she coached me with grace and shared so much of her own personal journey. She walks in an incredible authority in these areas of her life and has learned to live from a place of self-love not performance.

I really liked the accountability the encouragement, wisdom and tools I got each time I met with Elizabeth and I loved that the program was not legalist and rigid in nature but was more about getting in touch with my body’s needs again, enjoying food, practicing self-care and self-awareness and embracing my limits instead of pushing myself past my physical limits. I have grown so much and my perspective of myself and my body has changed. So grateful for you Elizabeth.


"I cannot say enough great things about Elizabeth!

I have always been an avid exerciser, specifically a runner. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first daughter, we were over the moon with excitement. However, I was not aware of what it could mean for my body physically. When running became too uncomfortable for me late in my first trimester, we looked into other options for my fitness -- that is when we discovered Elizabeth.

Working with Elizabeth was amazing. She kept me healthy and fit throughout my entire pregnancy. What’s more, she taught me that I can still see and achieve great fitness results without the intense cardio and running workouts that I had become so accustomed to. Elizabeth taught me how to do strength training that I had never tried before. It worked wonders on my body and my spirit. I’m a pretty self-motivated person, so I had no problem taking the tools and skills that Elizabeth taught me to the gym when I would work out on my own. In fact, I always tried to challenge myself and keep in mind the tidbits she would give me during our sessions together.

I continued to work with Elizabeth post-pregnancy and was constantly learning new things about how to feel and stay healthy. 

You see, it’s not all about exercise with Elizabeth. She considers the entire individual in her approach. She has been an excellent resource for me in my quest to stay healthy through nutrition, and also mentally/emotionally. Her knowledge of how our bodies work, specifically how the food that we put into our bodies, the rest we get through sleep, and the relationships we have in our daily lives, can impact our hormones and our general psyche, makes her different.

 My husband and I are now expecting baby #2 – a boy! It has been so much fun to compare my fitness and nutrition level in this second pregnancy compared to my first. I can honestly say that continuing to work with Elizabeth after I gave birth to my first child set me up for tremendous success in this second pregnancy. I have so much energy, I feel strong, I am positive, and I am healthy. 

I owe so much of this to my partnership with Elizabeth. Without her, I don’t think I would have felt as comfortable in my body post-baby as I do now. And, regardless of pregnancy, I wouldn’t have felt this comfortable in my own skin without the support I receive from Elizabeth. It’s been an awesome journey, and we’re just getting started!

/  melissa maultsby  /


"THANK YOU! I really enjoyed the course. I learned valuable information about a topic that isn't given enough credit.

Thank you for being so open and accessible to use throughout the process. Thanks for not making me feel crazy for not knowing the information or for not having a health routine when I first started. I LOVE the information provided and go back to the content often. I feel equipped to continue my healthy lifestyle. You are so good at what you do. 


/  michelle rivera  /


"Working with Elizabeth fundamentally changed the way I think about food. Before, I was on a perpetual diet, yo-yo-ing between what I thought was healthy eating and the comfort food I thought I couldn't live without.

Elizabeth led me to examine why I eat and why it was so hard for me to stick to a "diet." I realized, with her help, that I didn't have to deprive myself--I could eat delicious whole foods that were satisfying and nourishing. Now, I see meals as an opportunity to give me energy, fuel my workouts, help me sleep, and improve my mood. Meal time does not mean feeling guilty or punishing myself--it's a time to truly take care of myself. I have never felt so "in charge" of what I eat. I control my diet now--my diet doesn't control me!


Furthermore, Elizabeth is a wonderful person who truly understands your challenges. She has been there, done that, and knows what it means to struggle with food. With her I felt heard, and more importantly I felt fully supported.


/  mollie kutscher  /


"I put more emphasis on things that I thought about as implementing but I put on the back burner.

Weekly emails were good reminders to help stay on track. It was a short stint of time for me to put new things into practice (like meditation, meal prep, and incorporating essential oils and art for self-care) and see if it worked or not. It was super manageable. You can try anything at least once, if it works out, great! If not, no big deal. You try something new! The accountability kept me on track.”

/  Nina Osborne  /


 "I really needed help with self-love. I needed someone to be there for me to be my cheerleader. I was not eating right. And I was not seeing results. I was struggling and not seeing results.

I’m a mom of two, a wife, and had just started a rigorous schedule going back to college. She gave me essential tools for fun-fast snack ideas and recipes. Really tailoring stuff to what I like to eat, and how to incorporate that into my diet. 

I started to feel and notice a difference immediately. I took measurements and pictures and noticed huge differences. I had more energy and was eating more than before. It really boosted my spirits because I could see a difference. 

My biggest breakthrough was seeing that my measurements were lower, but the scale was not always lower. And it was ok. For the first time it was ok. I knew that the scale was lying and would have discouraged me had I not been taking pictures and measurements and had a coach to guide me.”

/  Velvette Williams  /


"Elizabeth is a wellness genius!

I’ll start by prefacing that I was so tentative going in. Not in Elizabeths knowledge or abilities, but because I have quite extensive food and exercise restrictions. I'm definitely not the norm, so I figured no program could work for my dietary needs. I was almost instantly proven wrong. Elizabeth is thorough. She understands that every body is unique and she encompasses all areas of life into her wellness approach so that it is applicable to everyone. I learned more about food, exercise, hormones, sleep, and self care than I thought possible. On top of this, the community aspect is awesome and I love that we had live webinars that we could interact while we learned, so we could apply the material directly to our own lives. Elizabeth is both brilliant and a pure joy to work with. I would recommend this course to everyone; whether you're looking to lose weight, get healthier, or improve your self care skills. Thank you, Elizabeth!"

/  taylor hendrickson  /