Your Secret Weapon to Sustainable Weight Loss

Losing that 15-20 pounds … 

    It’s the one thing that would make you the happiest woman on the planet. Because, to you, feeling beautiful and fit in your body is the ultimate accomplishment.  And even though you’ve spent hours on the elliptical, made every effort to tone and tighten, and ate salads every day for lunch… 

The weight is still there. 

    You wonder …

What am I doing wrong?
Why can’t I master this weight loss thing?
Will I always feel this awful about my body?


Good News: You Can Become the Master of Your Body AND Lose the Weight.

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Hi, I’m Elizabeth Denton | Nutrition & Metabolism Expert
Author of Simply Healthy

As a health coach, personal trainer, and former body building competitor, I’ve found that the one missing piece from a woman’s weight loss journey is self-care; the act of taking impeccable care of herself, her time, and her desires. My clients see incredible results when they do this one thing differently, in addition to my fitness and nutrition recommendations.


"I cannot say enough great things about Elizabeth! You see, it’s not all about exercise with Elizabeth. She considers the entire individual in her approach. She has been an excellent resource for me in my quest to stay healthy through nutrition, and also mentally/emotionally. Her knowledge of how our bodies work, specifically how the food that we put into our bodies, the rest we get through sleep, and the relationships we have in our daily lives, can impact our hormones and our general psyche, makes her different."



Ways to Work With Me

Together we’ll pinpoint exactly what you’re doing wrong, and create a customized game plan for turning it all around. 

I’ll teach you my core principles for not only weight loss, but for how to eat, move, and live every day so that you maximize your energy and metabolism.

I open my calendar for a small number of personal training sessions in the NYC Metro area. I also offer customized 4-week training programs for experienced individuals.



Free Metabolism Training

Weight Loss is an Inside Job.

I’m about to let you in a little something about weight loss that you won’t read in mainstream health magazines or articles: it’s dependent on more than just eating healthy and working out. 

It’s about your inner dialogue too. The beliefs you have about your body and yourself, and the way it feels to be the one living your life every day.

If negative thoughts and feelings dominate your daily experience, that can be a problem. 

In fact, stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration can actually prevent you from losing weight. Studies are now confirming that too much stress can damage the vitality of our organs and our hormones—all of which impact the metabolism.

So living life in fight or flight mode, relying on caffeine and sugar for energy, skipping meals, eating inflammatory foods, and even working out too much …

Can keep that 15-20 lbs. from budging an inch.

The solution lies in a three-part strategy that I’ve developed over the last 4 years, and includes:

  1. Nutrition. An investigation into exactly which foods your body responds best to and which ones are wreaking havoc on it.
  2. Movement. Discovering which form of physical exercise you enjoy most, and doing it as much as possible.
  3. Self-care. Making time to do what you LOVE: the activities, experiences, and simple joys that make you happy