Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


"Working with Elizabeth fundamentally changed the way I think about food. Before, I was on a perpetual diet, yo-yo-ing between what I thought was healthy eating and the comfort food I thought I couldn't live without. I have never felt so 'in charge' of what I eat. I control my diet now--my diet doesn't control me!"



What Led Me Here...

This might surprise you, but there was a time in my life where I lived off fast food and caffeine. 

You see, I was transitioning from “college student” to “full-time adult,” and spent Monday through Friday on the road, visiting the homes of clients all over Southern California. I was a behavioral therapist supporting kids with Autism, and my schedule didn’t leave much time for me to make healthy choices. 

So popping into Taco Bell or Jack in the Box and sipping on lattes from Starbucks all day became my new normal, because, well, it was fast and easy.

But after living this way for months, something started to happen. My skin, which had never had a problem with breakouts before, developed cystic acne. 

Naturally, I rushed to my dermatologist and began treating it topically, but no matter what I tried, nothing worked. And as a last resort, I was prescribed Accutane. 

The side affects scared me, and when I got really honest with myself, it felt like the absolute wrong next step. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and pass on the medication. 

That’s the moment my wellness journey began.

Because it was in that moment that I decided to take my power back, educate myself, and explore what was really going on with my body.

One Google search later--“how to heal acne naturally”--helped me discover that my diet and lifestyle were playing a huge role in the sudden eruption of my skin. 

I read article after article, explaining that the hormones and antibiotics used on animals in conventional and factory farms can aggravate skin, and I had been having meat and dairy almost every day. I also read that the chemical makeup of my beauty and skin care products was having a toxic impact as well.

So I decided to do an experiment and cut out most animal products, and replaced all of my skin care with natural facial cleaners, lotions, makeup, shampoos, and even went so far as to replace my laundry detergent too.

What happened next shocked me.

Within weeks, my breakouts not only stopped, but my skin began to heal completely.  It was amazing. I couldn’t believe something as simple as removing a few foods from my diet could have such a huge impact. 

From that point forward, I became incredibly conscientious of what I was putting in and on my body, and was inspired to continue experimenting with my diet. Within a year, I went from pescatarian to vegetarian to vegan, and finally to raw vegan. And while my skin stayed completely clear, my energy and digestion were probably at their worst. 

After returning from a 3-month adventure to Ecuador, my body was a mess. I had gone from 100% raw vegan to eating plantains, rice, and beans every day, and I gained 30 pounds! At a total loss for how to get healthy again, I hired a personal trainer and he advised me to immediately stop eating raw and start adding in substantially more protein. I was desperate to feel like myself again, so I followed his instructions to a T.

Within a few months, I was back to my regular weight. My digestion and energy had improved. And I found a passion for fitness and weight training, and even went on to compete in body building competitions. 

While my career took a few twists and turns along the way, fitness and nutrition kept me grounded. I had so much knowledge and experience pouring out of me, that I decided to start a blog called The Glow Remedy, and share my biggest wellness lessons with the world.

It remained a side passion of mine until I relocated to New York City in 2012, which is where I decided to pursue my personal training certification and became a trainer at one of Manhattan’s top gyms, Equinox. From there, I was divinely guided to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I received my health coaching certification in 2015, and the rest is pretty much history.

Today, I help women not only optimize their diets and lifestyles, but also guide them to not make the same mistakes I did. Because shifting from diet to diet, partaking in the extremes of prepping for body building competitions, and pushing myself too hard over and over again, left me not only depleted, but with a completely distorted view of my body. 

What I’ve learned is that the best thing you can do for yourself is to always respect your body’s signals, to stop going to extremes to lose weight, and to practice self-care every day. 

Today, I’m so thrilled to help other women on their journeys bring these principles into their own lives, so they can finally feel fit and strong in their bodies.